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Headed Off to the Mission Field…

…of Austin, Texas. As you read this, I’m on a plane right now headed back to school at Concordia Texas for one last semester of studies (well, right now if you read this as soon as this post was published…which you probably aren’t…and plus maybe my blog messed up and posted this late [cause I just put it on auto-post]…ok…so if this is Friday afternoon I’m on a plane right now). More than just going back for classes though (cause that doesn’t start until Wednesday) I’m getting in extra early to join some of my best friends in helping the new freshmen class move into the residence halls tomorrow.

Why? Well, let me give you some statistics:

As of last year, about a quarter of the students at my school officially had no religious affiliation whatsoever. In simpler words, that means that at least 25% of the students at my Christian university do not have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. I would even add at least another 25% to that number of those who really aren’t connected with the Church in anything other than name. However you count it, even if these numbers aren’t perfect, I’ve seen that there’s a great mission field right at my own school. There’s a great need for the Christians on my campus to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.

So that’s why I’m headed back early…to connect with those who don’t know Jesus…cause I can bet you that a whole bunch of the freshmen who are moving into the residence halls on Saturday morning have no idea who Jesus really is. What a better way to connect with them than the moment they step foot on campus? It can be a lot easier to connect with someone before they’re already settled somewhere.

So we’re going to go out there and try to make friends…with all of them (that’s my goal…probably won’t happen, but we’ll see). If we just develop a friendship with some of them and don’t get a chance to talk about Jesus…hey that’s still cool. I don’t make friends just so I can shovel the Gospel down their throats…I like meeting people just to meet people. But if we do get a chance to share the Gospel with them after we’ve gotten to know them, I think that’s pretty cool too.

Now please don’t lean back from your computer screen, Iphone 8 screen, Android screen, laptop screen, or whatever screen you’re reading my blog from and groan and say, “Hmmm…there’s that Levi guy trying to show off how cool and Jesusy he is!” I’m not trying to just gloat about what I’m doing. Rather, I’m trying to show you that what I’m doing to reach people for Jesus (actually what Jesus is doing through me to reach people for Jesus) can also be done by


Maybe you’re a college student somewhere out there. What’s keeping you from dropping in on a new student orientation and connecting with people? Maybe you’ve got a real job somewhere out there. What’s keeping you from being that coworker who invites a newly hired coworker out to dinner with his or her family to get to know them? Got new neighbors? Hopefully you get the idea. It can be a lot easier to connect with someone before they’re already settled somewhere. That being said, even if they are settled, you can still go and connect with them…after all, everybody needs Jesus.


Some new stuff on my blog

How y’all! I was thinking just the other day, ¨You know, now that I’m back from summer camp I should probably update my blog…add some more pictures…put an extra page on my blog about Peru so people know more about that…put up some other cool stuff.¨ Well, I finally got some time to put that all up…so check out these new pages on my blog if you care to:

I’m back from camp!

After a couple of very busy months in Michigan as a camp counselor (chasing kids around, leading Bible studies, cooking, swimming, building fires, making sand castles, leading worship, going on hikes, camping in the woods, building rockets, canoeing, hunting dinosaurs, shooting arrows, playing capture the flag, etc.) I’ve finally reconnected to the Internet and am playing catch-up with my email (I had over 250 unread emails when I first got back).

ANYWAY, just a couple of things you might want to know:

  1. If you missed it, I finally got my call: I’ll be working as a missionary next year in Lima, Peru. “Doing what?” you might ask. Don’t worry: I’ll be adding a whole extra page to this blog just with details on Peru and what mission work is being done there right be watching for that…
  2. If you’re thinking “Hey, how can I support this guy?” a great way to do that right now would be simply praying for me.
  3. If you’re thinking “Hey, how can I support this guy financially?” please know that I’m working on that right now. Cool story: So usually (translation: when it’s not Levi) missionaries working for the Office of International Mission with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (long names, huh?) have only two opportunities to go through the mandatory, two-week orientation, with one being in June every year and the other around February/March. Usually people go to orientation as soon as possible after they receive their call. And they can’t start fundraising until they go through orientation (so you really want to do it asap). So there I was at the start of the summer, with everyone telling me that I should talk to my camp director about skipping two weeks at camp to come to the orientation in St. Louis. And there I was trying to figure out if that was where God really wanted me cause, after all, wasn’t I needed at camp? After a lot of stressing out and praying and calling people back and forth and clunking heads together, finally a solution was found: one of the people in charge of the orientation heard of my dilemma, and particularly heard that I was working as a male camp counselor. Since this guy had back in the day had his own time working at a camp, he understood that my missing out on two weeks (a great opportunity for God to use me to effect some young men’s lives) could have consequences, he decided to make a super-special exception for me. I was told to stay on at camp, while they at the same time worked with me on arranging a special mini-orientation to learn the ropes of fundraising (I’m actually working on getting that orientation setup right now).

    A goofy picture during a week of camp that I would have missed if I had been at the orientation in June

So was it worth it? I would say so. Without getting too much into details, we’ll just say that during those two weeks (and the rest of the summer) God used me and my fellow staff members in some pretty amazing ways to help kids get closer to Jesus, and the effects of that work are still being seen.

And, just to clarify, as I mentioned above, I will soon (hopefully) be going through fundraising orientation, after which I can let y’all know how to financially support me.

SO, yeah, be watching for my details.