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Keeping Busy…

Hey everybody! A lot has happened with me in the past month in terms of my progress toward becoming a full-time missionary in Peru! Here’s some of the highlights:

I graduated from college (so I now have my second college degree)! I now have my bachelor’s degree in Religious Education (pretty much a youth ministry degree)…well, I haven’t gotten my actual diploma in the mail yet, but I passed all of my classes, so….I found out more details about what I’ll be doing in Peru  what God will be doing through me in Peru. After talking more with my future co-workers/fellow missionaries in Peru, here’s what I know:

After I go to a two-week-long “New Missionary Orientation” in St. Louis this March, the only thing holding me back from deploying will be whether or not I have enough support raised. Lord willing, this will be taken care of sooner than later. Before getting to Peru, I will go through a month more of training in the Dominican Republic, where the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has a lot of their leaders for the Latin America missionary area.

Once that wraps up, I will be headed for Lima! I will have 1-3 months of language school in Lima before getting to work with the ministries there. This will give me time to get used to the language, the new culture, and even just the new surroundings.

As for the mission work that I will be involved in once I get out of language school, I will primarily be working in the district of Chorrillos on the southern side of Lima on the coast. The city of Lima in total has about 10 million people, and Lima itself is really a bunch of cities/districts that together form this huge metropolitan area. Just playing with Street View on Google Maps, you can find pictures from Chorrillos like this:

Chorrillos StreetView 3

But you can also find pictures like these:

Chorrillos StreetView 1Chorrillos StreetView 2

One part of my work in Chorrillos will be to help build up the Castillo Fuerte operations there (Castillo Fuerte is the mercy ministry side of the Lutheran mission work in Peru). Castillo Fuerte has partnered up with Krochet Kids in Chorrillos, helping to run a daycare for them. Here’s a good video that shows the work that Krochet Kids is doing:

The daycare that Castillo Fuerte is running is for the children of the mothers in the Krochet Kids program. However, none of the staff of the daycare are Lutheran, so they aren’t able to add a Christian education element to the daycare. So my job will be to help lead that.

The missionaries in Peru are also hoping to plant a church in Chorrillos, and my main job with that will be to connect with the people of the Chorrillos and invite them to the new church plant so that they can become connected to a Christian community where they can regularly hear the Word of God proclaimed and receive God’s grace through his Sacraments.

one wedding, two first communions, four baptisms one family
Here’s a picture from one of the church plants that the missionaries in Peru have already established. During this particular church service (run by my fellow missionary, Pastor Josh Gale–the guy in the back with the purple pastor robes and the beard) there was one wedding, two first communions, and four baptisms–all in one family!

Since I got my training in (and am really passionate about) youth/children’s ministry, I will most likely also be helping the missionaries run Sunday school/Bible classes in Chorrillos, as well as in other parts of Lima. Part of this will probably include leading daily chapels at some of the other Castillo Fuerte sites and such.

CF Xmas program 2015
Here’s a photo from just a few weeks ago of the Christmas celebration at the Castillo Fuerte site in La Victoria, on the northern side of Lima.

So much to get excited for! So you may ask: “So…what’s Levi doing now?” Well, right now I’m writing a post for my blog and…

Seriously though, since I’m done with college, my job is to connect with churches/individuals here in the United States and get them involved in supporting the work that God will be doing for the people of Chorrillos and all of Lima by supporting me. I’m reaching out to people, scheduling times that I can speak with individuals and in front of churches, sharing my story, talking about my calling to Peru, and letting them know how they can help. Part of what has kept me busy this past month has been the opportunities that I have had speaking at churches.

Interested in becoming a supporter? You can download this form LCMS Adoption Agreement Mission Central, which you can fill out and send to the address on the form if you’re interested in financially supporting me. You can also check out my support page, or leave a comment below (that only I will be able to see) if you want to learn more about becoming a supporter of the mission work in Peru.