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God Provides

1st day of classes at San Juan de Lurigancho
Picture from the first day of summer programs (yes, it’s summer in Peru right now!) at the newest Mercy House (Castillo Fuerte), that opened in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru just a few weeks ago. Through this new Castillo Fuerte program, more and more kids are hearing the good news of Jesus. I will most likely have a part in working with these kids when I get to Peru.

It’s always been about the Gospel. The work of sharing the Gospel that God will be doing through me in Peru, the work that God is doing already through the missionaries in Peru right now, and the work that God can be doing through you wherever you are at–that’s our focus, because Jesus is at the heart of the Gospel, and everyone needs to hear about Jesus. That work has been progressing rapidly in Peru (check out this article here if you want to read some cool stories about the work being done in Peru).

This work of sharing the Gospel (especially when it comes to reaching people in another country or continent) is often supported both through prayer and through finances. YOU hopefully know personally how much prayer support I am getting because hopefully you have a part in that (thanks, by the way).

As for funding, in the past few weeks God has definitely put all of that into place. I won’t share any numbers (cause that’s not really the point–it’s about the Gospel), but God has more than abundantly provided for my next two years in Lima, Peru as a missionary. And for all of you who also have had a part in this, thank you so much for supporting God’s work!

That being said, I’m not the only piece in the puzzle of the mission work being done in Peru right now. If you still are thinking about financially supporting what God is doing right now with the Lutheran Church in Peru, I strongly recommend supporting (both financially and in prayer) my supervisor, Pastor Herb Burch.

Lord's supper
Pastor Herb Burch, distributing the Lord’s Supper during a Church Service.

Pastor Burch has been in the overseas mission field for quite some time now (he at one point was working in Guatemala). Currently, he is an area facilitator not just in Peru, but also in all of Latin America (which means that he does a lot of stuff). Right now, besides being the main pastor for one of the congregations in Lima, he is also helping to start up a new Lutheran mission in the country of Belize. And that’s only part of his job! Because of his experience and his role in all of this, Pastor Burch has a tremendously important part in helping many other missionaries share the good news of grace and life that are ours in Christ Jesus.

You can find out more about Pastor Burch at this link here, and you can support Pastor Burch financially by paying online here at this link, or by downloading his Mission Central Adoption Agreement that you can find at this link, OR

Send checks made out to “Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod” with Burch written in the memo line to

Mission Central, 40718 Hwy E16,

Mapleton, IA 50134-7105

or send that check to:

Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, 1333

S. Kirkwood Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122

So many options!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I’m up to now/when I will be heading off to Peru, I can tell you definitely that it will be in God’s timing, and I can tell you quite hopefully that it will be soon, and I can guarantee that it will be after my New Missionary Orientation in St. Louis in just a couple of weeks (hmm, I should start packing!). Until then, I will be…packing, working more and more on my Spanish skills, and continuing to seek prayer support (so please let me know if you want me to come and visit your church!). Sure, I have all of the money that I need, but this isn’t a vacation–I’m on a mission to spread God’s great news of life in Jesus, and that’s a spiritual battle, and spiritual battles are fought (in part) through prayer.


I have a new video blog!!!

Hey everybody! I thought y’all might want to actually see/hear me and not just read my stuff…so here you go:

Hopefully, I will be able to put out a new video every month so y’all can see my progress, and eventually have a first-hand look at the mission work being done in Peru.

Also, if you’re a newsletter-kind-of-person, I also have put together a newsletter that you can enjoy and also share with people that you know. Check it out at this link: LCMS Levi newsletter Jan 2016. I will probably be putting this out on a bimonthly basis.