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Packing up…


These past two months since I have graduated from college have been full of fruitful (and encouraging and exciting and fun) visits to different churches throughout North Carolina, as well as visiting some other places, helping people learn about how they can be partners in the mission work being done in Peru. I’m now just about done with those visits (almost), and I am pushing forward toward getting to Peru. After a loooooooooooooooooooooong time of waiting (okay, it wasn’t really that long), I am finally about to head off (in less than 24 hours now) to St. Louis to attend a two-week New Missionary Orientation. It will be a great opportunity to learn just a couple more things about working overseas (e.g. out-of-USA taxes), as well as a chance to meet different missionary families who will be going to all four corners of the world (or is it five?).

I do not yet have the official, authoritative, irrevocable, firm, unwavering, unmovable, for-certain, 100% positive date for my deployment overseas (key word: yet), but from what people are telling me, it will be really, really, really soon after my orientation in St. Louis–which is why I’m trying to get as much stuff as possible packed now while I still have a bit of breathing time. I will be spending some time in the Dominican Republic (which is where the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod [my employer!] has their main mission base in the Latin American Region). After that, I will be heading down to Lima, Peru for language school!

I was going through my camera, and I found a few pictures (see below) from my last trip to Peru for a week to help run two Vacation Bible Schools (back in 2012)…great reminders of what my time in college, the missionary application process, all of these visits to churches, long orientation sessions, and language school is all about: helping more people learn about Jesus. All this work has been preparing me to get to Peru and be used by God to bring more people to faith in him.



(WOW! That was a long time ago! These kids are probably all grown up now, out of college, married…wait…that was only four years ago…never mind).


February Video Blog!!!

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As I announced a few days ago, I am officially funded for the next two years. If you’re still interested in financially supporting the mission work being done in Peru, you can check out my support page to learn about other ways to give.