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My First Day Overseas

So I’m here in the Dominican Republic right now (in Santiago), getting through my first full day overseas! I got here late last night…after only making my connecting flight to Santiago in New York City by a few minutes. My first flight had been delayed, so I got off that flight at 7:15pm…and my next flight was at 7:3opm…but I had to wait to get my backpack (it was stuffed so full that it had to be gate-checked) and then I had to book it to the next flight’s gate…and I’m pretty sure that I was the last person to get on the plane. And, somehow (only by the grace of God) my checked bags made it onto that flight too, and made it with me all the way to Santiago! God is good.

I’ve been meeting the many different missionaries here in the Dom. Rep. today, as well as exploring the city a bit. My first meal here was from a road-side vendor who was frying a lot of really good looking food:


This ^ is what remained of my breakfast after I had eaten as much as I possibly could (they gave us HUGE portions). And, yes, that’s spaghetti there that I had for breakfast.

So, in the Dom. Rep., they have a bus system, but the more popular way to get around is in a Concho. Basically, Conchos are like buses in that they have a fixed route that they run along, but they are small cars that only hold 6 passengers (if you squeeze two people in the front passenger’s seat and four people in the back seat–something that I have already experienced multiple times today!). They are one of the cheapest ways to get around Santiago, so I will probably be using the Concho system most days to get to the place where I will be having some time practicing my conversational Spanish.

Road side.jpg
Busy street in Santiago


While I’m here, I’ll be practicing my Spanish, getting better at having conversations with people. I’ll also be learning skills that help me explore different cultures. Learning these things will greatly help me as I prepare to get to Lima, Peru in June…and be used by God to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with the people there. Because there’s nothing more important than having saving faith in the one who died for us and was raised again…he who is preparing an eternal home for everyone who has faith in him.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue my learning here in Santiago, Dominican Republic!