For this one you need English skills…


…which is why I’m glad that a short-term (short as in “brief”, not as in “not tall”) team from the States is visiting the mission here in Peru who can English (do English? say English?), since I’m not necessarily the best at Englishing (doing English? speaking English?). This week, we (the Peru mission team) have been blessed by having a team of 8 people from the States come and stay with us for a week. They’ve been working in San Borja–one of the middle class neighborhoods in Lima in which our Mercy Ministries (that help people with their physical needs) simply aren’t needed. Obviously, EVERYBODY needs the Gospel, and as such we want to connect with the people of San Borja. Since many people in San Borja (and Lima in general) desire to learn English (which can lead to better job opportunities), the team from the States is putting on an English camp at our church.

The goal behind their work here is to give us (the Peru mission team) a chance to create a relationships with people living near our church, and through that to find opportunities to share the Gospel and bring people to Jesus through our church here. We already had a super-fantastic-awesome turnout yesterday, and the short-term team had a few opportunities to share the Gospel with people, telling them that we can have a restored relationship with God because of Jesus’ sufferings, death, and resurrection (instead of because of anything that we have done). Please keep us in your prayers as God opens more and more doors.


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