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More photos from La Victoria

I’ve been busy in the last couple of weeks, helping out with the Castillo Fuerte Mercy House program that the Lutheran Mission here has in La Victoria (one of the districts in Lima). Here’s a few photos, highlighting what I’ve been helping with:

El parque Aug 2016 4
On Fridays, we like to spend extra time in the nearby park, playing a lot of games with the kids, and attracting new kids to get them interested in our program
El parque Aug 2016 3
Games in the park
Tarea LV CF 1 Aug 2016 2
As part of our activities with the kids every weekday, we have an hour or so set aside so that we can just help them with their homework
Tarea LV CF 1 Aug 2016 5
Working on homework
Music time at CF in LV Aug 2016
Since coming here, I’ve found that music has been a powerful tool for engaging, teaching, and captivating kids. This is me from earlier today, singing some Christian songs with the kids (who were just a bit more to the right than the camera could capture) while waiting for their next activity
Capilla LV CF Aug 2016
Every weekday we have a chapel service, during which the kids get a chance to hear God’s Word proclaimed
CFEC Aug 2016 2
On Saturday nights, I get to help with the Children’s Bible class. Deaconess Caitlin Worden (who is in charge of the children’s class), busy teaching the kids
Church in LV Aug 2016
Deaconess Caitlin Worden and Pastor Eddie Hosch, drilling the kids on their sermon notes after the church service this past Saturday night

Video from Chorrillos

Hey everybody!!!! Check out this cool video that gives some of the juicy details about the connection that the Lutheran mission here in Peru has with another organization, Krochet Kids, which is helping reach out to single moms in need in Chorrillos (a district in Lima, Peru):

Chorrillos Update

You can also check out this video here from a few months ago that explains what Krochet Kids does.

Trip to Lunahuana

These past couple of days I went with Pastor Herb Burch (my supervisor here in Peru) and his wife, Markie on a visit to the villages of Lunahuana and Lúcumo (about three hours south of Lima, where we live) to continue our work at reconnecting with people down there. There had been a strong Lutheran mission presence in that area in the past, and we are looking at restoring our presence there so that more and more people can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ–how we can have forgiveness and life through faith in him.


Elvis family in Lunahuana
Visiting with a family in Lúcumo
Lunahuana Aug 2016 2
Walking through Lúcumo
Lunahuana Aug 2016 3
Examining some things that the former Lutheran missionaries had left with one of the families in Lúcumo
Lunahuana Aug 2016 1
Catechesis: Training up the next generation in the deep truths of the faith…which is something that has been missing in Lunahuana in the past couple of years…