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Levi Karth–January 2017 VIDEO BLOG!!!

Hey everybody!!! Check out my latest video blog episode:

January 2017 Vlog

Also, here’s an excerpt from my January newsletter:

There seems to never be a dull moment here in Peru. Just before Christmas, our Castillo Fuerte (Mighty Fortress) Mercy Houses shut down for a few weeks, since the school year was wrapping up and many people would be going on vacation over the holidays. Since Castillo Fuerte often takes up the majority of my time each week, I wasn’t sure what I would be doing to keep myself busy during those weeks. Thankfully, God had a plan for my time.

The Candlelight Christmas service at our church plant in the district of Los Olivos, in the North Cone of Lima, Peru

If you read my December newsletter, you might recall that I had talked about having some really good conversations on the bus rides to and back from our opening church service in San Juan de Lurigancho. From those conversations came more conversations, as I specifically began connecting with some men (most of them a lot older than me!) who had interest in becoming more involved in our church in the district of San Borja, where I live (I actually live in an apartment in the same building as the church). The problem: A lot of them (and the friends that they want to bring) often work on Sunday mornings, so it’s been challenging for them to come to our Sunday morning church service.

Not wanting to have something as simple as work schedules get in the way of these people hearing God’s Word, I offered to meet up with them when I could. We have been able to meet a few times, sharing some food, having quite a few laughs, and diving into God’s Word. Right now, due to those relationships that God is developing through me, as well as due to other relationships that I have been developing for a while with other people connected to our church in San Borja, I’ve been praying. It looks like God may be opening up the door for me to start a more formal Bible study for all of these people, meeting on a week night. So prayers would definitely be appreciated as I seek to do God’s will in all of this.

Life is also a lot more crazy now that Castillo Fuerte is done with its Christmas break and is back in action! Summer sessions (’cause its summer on this side of the equator) officially started up on January 9 and have kept me fully occupied. My official duties at the Castillo Fuerte site in La Victoria include helping to teach an hour-long Bible class in the mornings, Monday-Friday, as well as helping with a fifteen minute Bible class in the afternoons. I’m also in charge of the music ministry there.

Levi, at Castillo Fuerte in La Victoria, teaching a very interactive Bible class

In addition to all of that, there’s also the task that is a lot more difficult to quantify: that of creating relationships with the different kids and youth that come through our doors. After all, one goal of our Mercy Houses is to help these kids in this poorer neighborhood in the areas of health, life, and education. But our even more important goal is to help these kids learn who Jesus Christ is, how he died and rose again to save them, and how they can have a faith relationship with him.


IT’S SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s finally summer time!!! After taking a couple of weeks off for Christmas break, our Castillo Fuerte (Mighty Fortress) Mercy Houses are back in operation, offering help to kids in need while also teaching them about the good news of Jesus Christ and the eternal life that we can have through faith in him. I was able to be there most of today to help our staff get things ready, to get kids signed up, and to make sure that the kids felt at home (for whatever reason they kept calling me “chistoso” and “gracioso” today…maybe because I was joking around with them the whole time…and those words both mean “funny” or “goofy”). And in addition to all of the fun today, we were able to expose the kids to God’s Word, which is, of course, the most important thing that we could ever do for them. It will be exciting to see how God will use his Word, as well as our relationships with these kids, to do some pretty amazing things. Prayers are always appreciated as the this work continues!



Getting outside to have some fun…but first we had to learn each other’s names.
Stretching before getting into the soccer (“futbol”) game.
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a good selfie with one of the new kids
And another one…
Soccer games can get pretty intense here!