Flooding/Ridiculously Blessed

Bottled water in my kitchen

So I guess people weren’t sure how I was doing…so here’s a quick little update to let the universe know that Levi is fine:

This past week Peru was suffering from the effects of El Niño, which is a weather phenomenon that every now and again brings heavy rain falls to Peru. In this case, the vast majority of the rain fell not in Lima but in other parts of Peru. However, people in Lima are specifically suffering since our main sources of water are the rivers that come from the highlands, which is where the heavy rains have been falling. Long-story-short, there’s a whole bunch of factors that go into it (and I don’t want to bore you ’cause who wants to be bored?), but basically that has resulted in the river flooding in parts around LIma, and has also resulted in a lot of water being contaminated, which means that a lot of places this weekend throughout Lima were without water, including my house. Actually my house (which is also the guest house for the mission here/the mission office/one of our church buildings) has been without water since Wednesday evening.

THANKFULLY, as you can see from the picture above (of the bottled water) I have more than enough drinking water to get by in terms of not suffering from thirst.


Dehumidifiers in my living room

I’m also ridiculously blessed not only in that 1) I still have a house (lots of people who lived near the rivers can’t say the same thing), 2) I have drinking water right at my fingertips (also not something that everyone has), 3) I live in the mission office, which has plenty of dehumidifiers…which (if you know anything about dehumidifiers) pull in water from the air and place it all in an easily-removable plastic tray…which means that I have a virtually free (minus the electricity needed to power these things) infinite source of non-drinking water that I can use for cleaning/cooking/etc (and no, I’m not so smart as to think of using dehumidifiers–that was the idea of one of my fellow missionaries). So I’m ridiculously blessed…and I’m doing fine…but please do keep the people of Peru in your prayers, because a lot of people don’t have water right now.


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