July Video blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody! Here’s my latest video blog episode:

And here’s an excerpt from my latest newsletter:

One of my favorite events in the past few weeks was the visit of my university supervisor, Dr. Jacob Youmans. Dr. Youmans, director of the Director of Christian Education program at Concordia Texas (the university that I graduated from), came at the end of June to spend about a week with me. Bringing his family with him, they got to follow me around and see what my life as a missionary here in Peru is really like, as well as the work that God is doing through me here.

Youmans visit 7
With the visit of my supervisor, there was actually someone to take photos of me! Here’s me with some of the kids at Castillo Fuerte during a Saturday evening Bible class.

Since the entire Youmans family is quite musical, one of the especially enjoyable parts about their visit was how much they were able to help me with the music ministry aspect of my work that God has put into my hands. On one of their first days here, they headed with me down to my favorite part of Lima—the music market at la Plaza Dos de Mayo (I’ve mentioned that market in previous newsletters). There, we got an actual electric keyboard to use for the worship at the mercy ministry of Castillo Fuerte in La Victoria.

After bringing the keyboard (on the crowded bus!!!!!!!) over to our mercy ministry, the Youmans family (who has a lot more piano skills than I do!) was able to better show some of the aspiring kid musicians how to properly play it. In other words—just with that, they were a huge blessing!!!

One part that I especially enjoyed from the visit of the Youmans family was the feedback that I got—because an outsider’s perspective can often be quite insightful and encouraging. Dr. Youmans especially encouraged me to keep on training kids to be worship leaders, which could help them get more involved in the life of the Church.

Ark of the Covenant lesson June 2017
Me, during one of the Friday Bible classes, during which the kids at Castillo Fuerte are learning about different Old Testament stories.

Since then, the kids that I have been training in music have continued making great strides in their learning. Just a couple of days ago, one the kids was confident enough in her skills to play along to “Jesus Loves Me” (in Spanish, of course) during our music time during chapel. It’s exciting to see how these kids continue to grow in their skills!

These past few weeks have also been really crazy with quite a few changes in the lives of the missionaries, and we would all definitely appreciate your prayers as we get used to those changes. One such change is that one of my fellow missionaries, Deaconess Caitlin Worden, just a couple of weeks got married to a Peruvian man, Jeancarlos, who has been a member of our church here for quite some time. While obviously quite exciting, this of course also means that there are a lot of new things for them to get used to.

There’s also a lot of transition going on with some of my fellow missionaries. Just a couple of months ago we got two new missionaries, Pastor Cullen Duke and his wife, Deaconess Jackie Duke. Even as they are transitioning to life here in Peru, we are also having to say goodbye to a different missionary of ours, Pastor Herb Burch, who is transferring to the Lutheran mission in the country of Belize to help the mission work there. So with all of these transitions, prayers are definitely appreciated.


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