Levi Karth–October Video Blog!!!!!!!

Here it is!!!! My latest video blog episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 2017 Vlog

And here’s an excerpt from my latest newsletter:

Coming up with new ideas, switching things up, adding new challenges: I realized that all of these were needed as I tried to brainstorm how to better teach the Saturday evening children’s Bible class at our church plant in La Victoria. For quite a few months, I had been walking through the book of Acts with the kids in that class, teaching them about what the early Church was like and how God was bringing more and more people to have faith in him. However, after one too many classes where the kids were having a hard time paying attention, I figured that it was probably time to try something different, both with the topic and, more importantly, with the way that I was teaching.

David is hiding Oct 2017
Me, as I teach a Bible class on the story of David

While coming up with different topics, I’ve tried a different way of teaching the class that empowers the kids a lot more and lets them actually help to teach the Bible class. Since a lot of the kids in this class have been coming to Castillo Fuerte for at least a year, they have had a lot of experience reading the Bible, so I figured that they were up for a new challenge: They would be divided into two groups, with each group being told to read together a Bible story, think through the story together, and then present what they had learned to the other group (with a presentation that, of course, included the essential puppet show). In the midst of all of that, I (and any other adults helping me) would be there to help guide the kids and think more deeply about what they were reading as well as plan out how to present their portion of the class.

Planning out Bible class Oct 2017
Some of the kids at Castillo Fuerte during a Saturday evening Bible class, figuring out how to present their portion of the class.

Obviously, kids are kids, so every class seems to have a different outcome no matter what we do: Sometimes that they don’t fully understand the Bible story and don’t get as organized as they would have liked (kids don’t always have a lot of patience!), while other times they have a ton of fun as they quickly grasp the Bible story and put on a really humorous presentation for us.

And either way, I think that it’s all worth the effort, because even if they don’t always understand the Bible story when they read through it the first few times, I can always still recap everything at the end of the class and help them see the good news of Jesus (how he suffered, died, and rose again to life in order to give us eternal life through faith in him) in the Bible story. And they are learning and figuring out how to teach the Bible to other people, which could quite possibly be a skill that is grown in them more and more as they mature in the faith.

CFEC class on Luke 11 Oct 2017
Me working with a couple of kids to help teach a Bible class

Even as I try out new ideas in the Bible classes that I am teaching, I am also seeking to remind the kids of what is truly important as my time here in Peru starts to wrap up. Not too long ago, as I was teaching one of the 15-minute daily Bible classes to the kids in Castillo Fuerte during our after-school program, I had them help me count up how many days were left in October…how many days are in November, and for how many days I would probably still be in Peru in December (which will probably be my last month here), showing them how very close my departure is.

Choosing actors for Bible class Oct 2017
And…yet another picture from yet another Bible class that I’ve taught in the past month

But at the same time, as I connected this with John 1:19-28 (a story where John the Baptist showed how his work wasn’t about himself—it was all about pointing people to Jesus), I reminded them that Castillo Fuerte isn’t about Levi. Coming to Bible class isn’t about Levi. Learning about Jesus isn’t about Levi. It’s about Jesus—learning more about him and walking more with him. So even after Levi is long gone from Castillo Fuerte, they can and should still be growing in their walk with God, as they continue to learn more about him and his love and grace for them.

With my DCE internship here in Peru ending in just a couple of months, and with all of the pledges and donations that I have received being more than enough, I’m not seeking any new financial support. However, I would definitely appreciate your prayers as I seek wisdom from God as to where he is calling me next. Thanks for much for supporting me during my time here in Peru!


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