I just got engaged!!!

Well…okay. I didn’t just get engaged. It was about three weeks ago now (or has it already been four weeks?). Who did I get engaged to? Meet Jael Trinklein (soon to be Jael Karth):


Jael and I met way back in January 2016, when we were both on the fundraising trail: She, going along with her dad, who was preparing to serve as a missionary in South Korea, and I as I got ready to head to Peru. We later met again in March 2016…and long-story-short, we’ve been talking ever since…and are now planning to make it a life-long pastime.

So…what are we doing right now? Well, right now Jael is back in South Korea, getting ready for our upcoming wedding, while I am back in the United States (after finishing up my internship in Peru), spending a lot of time praying, reflecting, and taking steps toward my next call. And we’ll soon be sharing more details about what my next call might look like. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God’s wisdom and guiding hand in these next steps in life!


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