We’ve Been Traveling!!!!!!!!!!!


We’ve been on the road for the past couple of months now, and it’s been awesome! I had been living like a miser the past couple of years, saving up, so we were able to simply use my savings to pay for our travels. Since our last newsletter, we’ve visited some of our friends, family, and favorite churches in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina.

(Here’s the link to a pdf version of this newsletter, if you would like to print it and share it: https://levikarth.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/glo-newsletter-karth-family-september-2018.pdf)

After we spoke at a church in Austin, Texas

Our travel hasn’t just been for pleasure, though.  Part of our journey has been visiting various churches.  We’ve been telling them about our upcoming work in Paraguay, as well as encouraging them to PRAY for us. Sure, it’s easy enough to go overseas and say that we’re “missionaries”, but it’s a completely different thing to actually be used by God to share the life-transforming Gospel with people in such a way that they truly come to have a relationship with God. And prayer makes a HUGE difference in all of that, and that includes YOUR prayers for us. Paul says in Romans 15:30, ”  I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf…” ESV   —Levi

Visiting a friend in Texas
Visiting friends in Colorado

We’ve had a wonderful few months connecting with friends across the states. Both of us have been able to introduce to each other to most of our friends, at this point, and we’ve both really enjoyed getting to know (by talking, laughing, or teasing) the people who have shaped the other person. They’ve been a huge encouragement to us, and we hope that we have been the same for us.

Mission Club CTX Sept 2018 second pic
Visiting the student Mission Club at Concordia University Texas in Austin, Texas

But even better, we’ve made some new friends along the way! We visited CTX (Levi’s alma mater) and got to spend a lot of time talking with different students there who have an interest in overseas missions. One of our favorite times was when we visited the Concordia Texas Mission Club; they were a really fun group, so we were able to laugh a lot with them as we shared with them about our previous experiences! —Jael

Hanging out with Jael’s family in Arizona

Additionally, we’ve gotten to see some of our relatives and catch up with them before we head overseas. Between some visits to churches, we were able to see some of Jael’s relatives in Arizona. Now, we’re in North Carolina, staying with my parents as we wait for what is yet to come.
Tentatively, we’ll be heading out to Guatemala at the start of November so that Jael can have intense Spanish language training. Lord willing, by the start of February we’ll be getting to Paraguay and can start being used by God to share the good news of Jesus with everyone.  —Levi


Please Pray!!!!!!!!!!!
You may not be able to physically come and join us in the work of spreading the Gospel in Paraguay, but you can definitely still help in very real ways!!! You can be praying for us daily (or more than daily!), helping us by simply talking to God and asking him to help us. Here’s a few things that you can be praying for:

That God would help our fellow missionary, Victor, who is already sharing the Gospel where we will be working.
That we would quickly learn the multiple languages that are spoken in Paraguay. Specifically, Jael is learning Spanish right now, and Levi (who already knows Spanish) is learning Guaraní and Portuguese.
That God would prepare the hearts and minds of the people of Paraguay to receive the Gospel.
That God would make us vessels fit for His service.
That God would use YOU to share the Gospel, wherever you are!!


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