Waiting…for now…


Reading through the stories of Jesus (in the four Gospels) and the first apostles (in the book of Acts), it can be really easy to get caught up in all of the action and their teaching–they were doing amazing things while calling people to receive the priceless gift of eternal life with God. Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve noticed that their moments and seasons of rest and inaction were just as important as their times of action. After Jesus told his followers (in Acts 1) to wait, “They all joined together constantly in prayer…” (Acts 1:14). How much did they need that time of waiting, as they focused on praying, before the Day of Pentecost came?
   Jael and I are currently in such a season of waiting. We’re waiting for God to open up any more doors for visits to more churches (if He wants us to make more visits).
We’re also waiting to get to language school. We were originally planning on going this November to a Spanish language school in Guatemala. However, we potentially have a new plan that we’re in the midst of trying to figure out even as I type this: We’ve discovered a language school in Paraguay that teaches both Spanish (which Jael needs) and Guaraní (the native language of Paraguay, which I want to learn, especially since I already know Spanish). The details are far from being fully worked out, but potentially we could be going to this language school in January instead of the one in Guatemala.
And while we wait for God to smooth out all of these details, my hope is that we (Jael and I, and also all of y’all, since y’all can be praying for us) can be praying…and praying…and praying…just like the first Christians.
(If you want a printable/pdf version of this newsletter, check out this link: October ’18 Newsletter)
Guajayvi church dedication 4
The mission work in Paraguay, of course, isn’t about us, and it’s definitely not dependent upon us–it’s God’s mission. God is already using our friend, Victor (he’s the one in the white robe on the far left in the above picture), to share the Gospel in Guajayvi, where we’ll be working in the future. The above picture was taken at the building dedication for the new church building that they’ve built in Guajayvi! Of course, the mission is not about building church buildings, but rather about being used by God so that people can be part of God’s eternal family, through faith in Jesus Christ.
Oct 2018 VBS 2
That being said, the building is a great blessing for Victor and for us in that we’ll be able to use it to fit lots of people. And speaking of lots of people, Victor (who as I said, is already doing mission work there) hosted a Vacation Bible School this month through the Lutheran Hour of Paraguay (the Lutheran radio/outreach program that he currently works for)! Please keep not just us, but also Victor in your prayers–that God would truly use him to be sharing the Gospel and making disciples.
This is a picture of us in May 2018 (when we visited), taking a selfie in front of the land where the church now is, just so you can see how quickly they developed the land! The church was built on the land behind us.


Guajayvi church under construction 2
Here’s a picture from the construction of the building
Guajayvi church under construction
Obviously, this is still showing the building being constructed
Guajayvi church dedication 5
And THIS is what the finished building looks like
Guajayvi church dedication
This is another picture taken from the dedication service of the building, when a large number of guests came to celebrate with Victor and the other members of the church in Guajayvi.
Please Pray!!!!!!!!!!!
   You may not be able to physically come and join us in the work of spreading the Gospel in Paraguay, but you can definitely still help in very real ways!!! You can be praying for us daily (or more than daily!), helping us by simply talking to God and asking him to help us. Here’s a few things that you can be praying for:


  • That God would help, strengthen, and empower our fellow missionary, Victor, who is already sharing the Gospel where we will be working.
  • That we would quickly learn the multiple languages that are spoken in Paraguay. Specifically, Jael with Spanish, and Levi (who already knows Spanish) with Guaraní and Portuguese.
  • That God would work out all of the details to get us to language school in January 2019 (or whenever His desired time is)
  • That God would prepare the hearts and minds of the people of Paraguay to receive the Gospel.
  • That God would make us vessels fit for His service.
  • That God would help us to use this time of waiting to grow deeper in our relationship with Him.
  • That God would use YOU to share the Gospel, wherever you are!!



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