Very Important Update–Major Change of Plans

Hey everybody! This is Levi! You may (or may not) have noticed that it’s been awhile since we’ve sent out an update on us. Well, for those of you who haven’t heard yet, it’s because we’ve been working through some things…and now we have some bad news and some good news:

The bad news is that, after a whole lot of praying and talking through it and around it and more praying, we’ve gotten direction from God that it’s not time for us to go overseas and serve as missionaries. Over the past 4 months or so we’ve come to realize that the anxiety and apprehension that Jael had been experiencing in regard to our upcoming move to Paraguay wasn’t just normal anxiety. It was really due to depression, and that depression was really caused by culture shock from her move to South Korea over two years ago now. And that depression has really shut her down to the point where moving overseas again right now simply would do more damage.

Thankfully, now that we’ve identified the problem, we know better how to attack it. Jael herself could tell you more (if she was writing this) about how much she’s found that prayer really does help, ’cause it’s lifted her spirits so much and has helped her start inching out of the depression. However, we’re not sure how much more time she’ll need to work through the healing process with this. So, after a whole lot of prayer and discussion, we finally talked with the Director of Global Lutheran Outreach and have officially made the decision to not proceed on the path toward Paraguay…for now.

The good news is…that God is still in control! And he’s still guiding us and has a plan for us.

So our dream is to eventually head back overseas and serve the Lord in Latin America. For now, however, for Jael’s sake (so that she can have more time to find healing from the depression/culture shock), we’re going to be seeking a DCE call for me in the United States with the Lutheran Church, sharing Jesus with people here! The hope is that it would be in some kind outreach to Hispanics so that I could use and continue to grow in my Spanish, and so that Jael could also grow in it (so that we’re both ready in terms of languages whenever we are ready to go overseas again).

If you have donated to us, do not fear. You should have gotten (or will receive very soon) a letter or email from us with details about your donation.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We could definitely use prayers:

  • for Jael, that she would find full and complete healing from the culture shock/depression (and that we would know how to best treat it);
  • that God would guide us and lead us quickly to the church/ministry here in the United States where he wants me to work;
  • that God would continue to bless the Lutheran Church of Paraguay, so that (even without our participation) they would continue to spread the Gospel in their country.

If you happen to know of any church/ministry in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod that is looking for a Spanish-speaking DCE, please feel free to connect us!

We’ll be sure to keep posting on this blog so that you can know what we’re up to. Also, as time permits, I may just start posting more stuff. One of the huge blessings that I’ve already seen coming out of all of this is that…due to the extra time that I haven’t had (since I haven’t been actively working for a year now)…God has given me A LOT of time to dig deeper into his Word and learn more and more about what he things about mission…and the Church…and evangelism…and all kinds of good stuff. So Lord willing I can start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!!!


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