Levi and Jael Karth

¡Hola! Hello! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to check out our blog. I (Levi) and my wife Jael are missionaries! Here on our blog we talk about the work that God is doing through us to share the Gospel!

Levi and Jael in San Pedro, Paraguay

Currently…well…currently we’re in a waiting season. We were recently working toward getting ready to move overseas to work as missionaries in South America…but for now that dream of ours has been put on hold (this blog post explains it all).  So right now we’re seeking God’s will for where he wants us to be serving him.

Hot Incense August 2017
Levi, during his time in Lima, Peru, working with a children’s ministry/mercy mission to kids in the slums of the district of La Victoria in Lima

I (Levi) first became passionate about sharing the Gospel during my teenage years. After going on an overseas mission trip to South America during my freshman year of college, I made it my goal to become fluent in Spanish, hoping to eventually go back overseas and work as a missionary in Latin America. After graduating from the Director of Christian Education (DCE) program at Concordia University Texas in 2015, I worked as a DCE intern missionary in Lima, Peru from 2016-2017.

Jael at an ancient palace in Seoul, South Korea

Jael grew up the oldest of four children in a Lutheran pastor’s family in the Midwest.  Her mother exposed her to YWAM’s Christian Heroes missionary biography series early on, and growing up on stories about Amy Carmichael and George Mueller (among many) planted in her a desire to become a missionary. She graduated from Thomas Edison State University a few years before her father received a missionary call to serve in South Korea, where she lived from 2016-2018.



The two of us met at a missionary orientation, while I was getting ready to head for Peru and Jael was getting ready to move to South Korea with her family. After almost two years of an online “friendship/courtship”, Jael came to visit me in Peru as I was finishing up my time there. I “surprised” her with a ring on the second day of her visit (she was expecting me to propose, but not that quickly!).

Levi & Jael-8

Our wedding was on July 8, 2018 in southern Illinois (where Jael grew up).


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