If you have ever really spent enough time with me you would know that I consider the number one best weapon/tool/resource that any missionary (i.e. everybody who has faith in Jesus) has is the Word of God, a.k.a. the Bible. Paul says in Romans 1:16  ¨I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…¨  In other words, the Gospel (God’s Word of grace) changes people. People get faith through the Gospel. God’s Holy Spirit works through the Gospel/Word to create faith in people and thus bring them into a relationship with the one true God.

But more than that, the Gospel/Word can continually transform us. As we spend more time in God’s Word, God’s Spirit will continue to come to us and equip us to share this Gospel with…everybody.

So, this page on my blog is simply a haphazard bunch of resources for digging deeper into God’s Word, including Bible reading plans, Bible history websites, random devotions that I write, etc.

You may still ask, “How do I use all of this?” Here’s what I would do: Find a Bible reading plan–you can use mine (one of the first links below) or one from elsewhere. Find one that works for you, whether it simply be reading a chapter a day from the New Testament, a look at the Gospels, a swim through the Psalms, etc.

Next, set aside some time each day to actually be reading the Word. You might have to adjust the rest of your schedule, or maybe you’ll have to lose fifteen minutes of sleep at the start or end of your day.  Find a time that works and stick with it, no matter what.

Finally, one way (definitely not the only way) to read is by reading the passage while thinking through the following questions:

  • What stands out to me?
  • What’s going on?
  • What is God doing/saying?
  • Where am I in this passage?
  • What questions do I still have about this passage?

Write down your answers to these questions, which in doing so will help you understand the passage better. If you have some questions, try to find the answers in a Bible commentary or study Bible (I’ve included some links to a few–just be sure to be discerning).

I hope that all of this can be used to build you up and strengthen your connection with God. Enjoy!

Chronlogical Yearly Bible Reading Schedule This is a Bible reading plan that I tweaked from a different one that I have. It takes you through the whole Bible (and then some) in one year, going through the Old Testament chronologically. Try it! (I have updated this since I originally put it online, so here’s the original one: Chronlogical Yearly Bible Reading Schedule)  I use this app A LOT, since it has many, many different versions of the Bible in a whole bunch of different languages. They also have audio Bibles, as well as study helps to get you into the habit of reading God’s Word for yourself. More Bible reading plans  Here is a website with a whole bunch of resources for studying the Bible. Obviously, use discernment with this site (as with anything else)… Has lots of resources that can help you understand God’s Word a bit better, including commentaries, encyclopedias, maps, and more! Don’t forget to be discerning. This is a really good online book that can help you better understand the world in which Jesus lived. Ever tried using an audio Bible while working out or driving to work? This site has tons of them. You can also find them on Itunes. Search around Spotify to find plenty of audio Bibles And here’s some more audio Bibles!

Keep coming back to this page…I will be continuously adding more resources that I find.


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