Gracias por las Biblias
Kids in the Castillo Fuerte program in La Victoria, Lima, Peru

So what am I doing in Lima, Peru? What does my work look like? Where do I work? Who do I work with? Here’s some of those answers:

A big part of my work (and passion…and training) is in children’s ministry. Specifically, right now I’m focused on helping out with the Castillo Fuerte (Mighty Fortress) Mercy House ministry in La Victoria. This video here in part explains that work that we are doing there: Castillo Fuerte Mercy Houses

Levi, with some of the kids in La Victoria

A lot of my work there is simply building relationships with the kids as we teach them the Gospel and help them grow in their faith walk with God. I also spent a good amount of time teaching Bible classes to the kids, as well as helping with the music ministry there. Additionally, I’m helping one of my fellow missionaries start up a youth ministry there, specifically wanting to focus on some of the teenagers that have graduated out of our kids’ programs. With all of that, I want to see people come to have faith in Jesus Christ and continue to walk and grow in that faith for their whole lives.

Levi, playing guitar at the end of one of the daily chapel services in La Victoria

Another big part of my work is music ministry. I help lead the music for the church services in the church in La Victoria and in San Borja (where we have another church). I also am using playing music as a way to spend more time with people and disciple them.


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