There are a few ways you can support us.

  1.  Prayer.  God teaches us in His Word that we can actually HELP each other through prayer, just as effectively as if we were with the other person.  Prayer is powerful, because we’re calling upon our All-Powerful God, the very same God who loved us and who gave His only Son on the cross and then raised Him from the dead, all so that we could live and have a relationship with Him.  So please consider putting us on your daily list of people that you are praying for.  Transitioning to life overseas can be really tough any way you slice it, and we’ll still be getting used to being married, too.  Depression and discouragement are very real, as are spiritual opposition and cultural barriers.  A few ideas:
    • That God would break down centuries of Catholic traditions and customs so that people will be open to hearing about the freedom we have in Jesus.
    • That Levi and Jael would have tact in dealing with people, and so that they would know exactly what to say.
    • That Levi and Jael would be fortified against culture shock and discouragement.
    • That God would send revival upon the country of Paraguay, so that not just individuals but whole communities would embrace Jesus alone as their Savior.
    • That Levi and Jael would be able to learn all necessary languages (Spanish, Guarani, and Portuguese) quickly and well.
    • That Levi and Jael would be a blessing to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay, with whom they will be working.

God answers prayers; both of us have seen that proven in our own lives over and over.  So we covet your prayers more than anything else.  By them we will be helped in this mission…which is the same as every other Christian’s mission: to proclaim to our lost and dying world the good news of the Kingdom, so that they might come to the Savior who gave up His life for them.

2.  We would love to make a personal connection with you and your church, or visit you again if you’ve already met us! Levi is wanting to visit different churches in May-June of this year, and then after we’re married in July, both Jael and Levi are wanting to visit different churches. Want to talk about if we can come and visit you? You can contact us via email at

3.  If you’re interested in financially supporting us, you can go here.

Paraguay, in an area not to far from where we’ll be living soon

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