Why Blog?

My hope with this blog is that this becomes an encouragement for you and that you see that you too can be a missionary, no matter where you are. Anyone who knows Jesus Christ as their Savior is a missionary–someone called to share the good news that Jesus loves everyone, that he died on a cross, that he rose again, and that because of all of that we can have an eternal relationship (through faith) with him that can start right now. Everybody needs to hear this message–your coworkers, your fellow students, your professors/teachers, your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, the people you run into at your grocery store, the teller at your bank, the bus driver, the guy who cut you off this morning as you drove to work, and then all of those people who you have never met yet. Everybody needs Jesus.

So with this blog, I try to show through the missional experiences that I have had that you can be doing the same thing. Sure, I might sometimes be in a country that you’ve never dreamed about going to before, but the work is the same: We make relationships with people, with the hope that those relationships will become open doors to share the Gospel with them. In times past I was a college student, working to simply connect with my fellow students who lived around me. For a year and a half it meant connecting with people in Lima, Peru, as I lived there. For you it might mean simply connecting with your neighbors and coworkers. Who is God calling you to connect with? Where is God calling you?

A “typical” neighborhood in the United States–a place where people definitely need to hear about Jesus.
The neighborhood where I lived for over a year in Lima, Peru–a place where people definitely need to hear about Jesus Christ.

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